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Over the years we have presented many tips and how-to articles in the newsletter and on our website.  Recently we adopted a new mode of communication, joining the thousands of  informative online videos of seemingly every product and technology.  We hope YouTube videos will be a useful and effective addition to our existing formats.

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Tip: Moving Tabs in SecureCRT

A question in a recent forum post about SecureCRT’s tab behavior made us think it was time to revisit the tip, Moving Tabs in SecureCRT. This tip shows you how to move one or more tabs to a new window and then back again. It also provides information about “cloning” tabs.

Follow this link to read the tip:

Try this additional shortcut with session tabs: use the ALT+1 through ALT+0 key combinations to directly navigate to any of the first ten SecureCRT tabs.

From Feature Request to Release: Early Feedback is Key

A recent thread on the VanDyke Software forums illustrates how important early feedback is in our development process.

After forum member Casey started a thread on TFTP during the SecureCRT 7.0 beta release, customers posted in August and November wanting TFTP in SecureCRT to have logging and a configuration interface. Hearing that enhancements were not immediately forthcoming, one forum member wrote, “I was rather disappointed to see the way the TFTP feature is implemented.”

SecureCRT product director Maureen Jett replied as follows:

“When we implemented TFTP, we implemented something pretty basic, thinking customers would give us feedback about what additional functionality they wanted. We received very little feedback during pre-beta and beta testing. Most of the feedback came in after 7.0 was officially released, which didn’t give us time to incorporate it into 7.0 or 7.1…. I’m not saying this to make excuses for not implementing requests, but rather to make it clear how important customer feedback is in our development process.”

There you have it in a nutshell. If you have interest in a particular feature, your feedback can help improve its functionality and the sooner we get the feedback, the better.

We hope that after reading this article you consider evaluating new capabilities in pre-beta release when we send out calls for testers.