Maintenance Releases of SecureCRT® 7.1.3 and SecureFX® 7.1.3 Now Available

New maintenance releases of SecureCRT 7.1.3  and SecureFX 7.1.3 are available for download.

The 7.1.3 maintenance releases address issues found in the 7.1.2 releases.  Please see the history files for a complete list of changes:

SecureCRT 7.1.3 and SecureFX 7.1.3 introduce a dependent session option that lets you connect to a jump host or SSH gateway before connecting to other sessions.

In addition, SecureCRT 7.1.3 adds session tiling to the Mac and Linux versions.  SecureFX 7.1.3 now has versions for Mac and Linux, providing integration with SecureCRT on all supported platforms.

You can download any of the 7.1.3 official releases from the download page.

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