7.2 Official Releases of SecureCRT, SecureFX, and ClientPack Now Available

7.2 official releases of SecureCRT, SecureFX, and VanDyke ClientPack are now available for download.

SecureCRT 7.2 and SecureFX 7.2 improve workflow with a dockable session manager (Windows only).  The dockable session manager lets you quickly connect to sessions and can be positioned on the left, right, top, or bottom of the SecureCRT window, or undocked as a modeless dialog.  The “classic” Connect dialog is still supported.

“I have been using SecureCRT with the dockable session manager and love it. So far I have not found any problems and I use it every day to manage our Unix and Linux systems using telnet and SSH. Also, the ability to write VBscripts to automate actions directly in the program and the handy button bar to run scripts with a single click make SecureCRT an indispensible tool.”
—Martin de Bruin, IT Manager, Antalis South Africa

A personal data folder has been introduced in the 7.2 releases where usernames, passwords, and automated logon information can be stored separately from other configuration data. Personal data can be kept private, while other configuration data is stored on a network drive or in the cloud so that it can be used on different systems or shared with colleagues.

SecureCRT 7.2 adds the ability to zoom sessions, an execute local shell command that provides the ability to do port knocking or run a batch file before connecting to a session, as well as a number of time-saving scripting enhancements.

SecureFX 7.2 provides SCP support for Cisco and Juniper devices, an option to automatically synchronize files, and an option to force ASCII or binary to be used for all files, reducing the interruption of manual prompts.

All applications now include support for the SHA-2 MAC algorithms, improving security and offering compliance with NIST requirements.

Find out more about the new capabilities in the 7.2 official releases here:

Download the 7.2 Official releases today.

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