7.2.4 Maintenance Release of SecureFX® Addresses OpenSSL Heartbleed Vulnerability

A new maintenance release of SecureFX is now available for download.

SecureFX and the OpenSSL Heartbleed Vulnerability

SecureFX on the Windows platform is not affected by the Heartbleed vulnerability. SecureFX for supported Mac and Linux platforms uses OpenSSL for FTPS protocol support and may be vulnerable to the Heartbleed vulnerability.

In addition to upgrading SecureFX or OpenSSL on vulnerable systems, it is recommended that any SSL certificates used by SecureFX be regenerated and user passwords should be changed.

For more information, please visit the VanDyke Software Security Advisory page.

Find out more about the 7.2.4 Official release here:

For a complete list of changes, please see the SecureFX history file:

You can download SecureFX 7.2.4 official releases from the download page.

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