Call for Testers: Command Window Enhancement in SecureCRT

The ability to send characters immediately in the the Command Window has been added to a pre-beta version of SecureCRT. This new functionality allows you to use the Command Window to do the following in the active or all sessions:

  • Stop commands using CTRL+C
  • Edit a file using an editor like vi
  • Send escape sequences
  • Do tab completion

If you’d like to try it, please send me email.

VShell 4.1.2 Maintenance Release Now Available With Improved Trigger Support and Larger Host Keys

A new maintenance release of VShell 4.1.2 release is now available for download.

VShell 4.1.2 for Windows improves trigger support with a built-in SFTP transfer trigger action and the ability to configure trigger actions to run as an account other than the VShell service account.  With the new SFTP Transfer trigger action, files uploaded to a DMZ drop zone can be automatically moved to another machine using the SFTP protocol.

VShell 4.1.2 adds group management to the internal user database, allowing easier user management and additional fine-grained control.

Security and compliance is improved with support for ECDSA host keys, ECDH key-exchange algorithms, and larger RSA key bit sizes.

You can read more about the new capabilities in VShell 4.1.2 here:

VShell 4.1.2 (Official)

Download and evaluate the 4.1.2 release today.

Send us your feedback!  Email your questions, requests, or bug reports to

For a complete list of changes, please see the history file:

VShell 4.1.2 (Official) History File