SecureCRT® for iPad 1.2 Adds Support for iOS 9 and Redpark Lightning Ethernet Cable

SecureCRT for iPad 1.2 adds support for iOS 9, including Slide Over and Split View and support for the Redpark Lightning Ethernet cable. This version also fixes some emulation and keyboard issues.

Learn more about SecureCRT for iPad and how to download from the Apple Store®.

For customers using SecureCRT for Windows, Mac, or Linux, we’ve created an FAQ on importing your existing sessions to SecureCRT for iPad.

SecureCRT for iPad is a go-anywhere, high-productivity remote access app, providing rock-solid terminal emulation for SSH2 and telnet protocols on your mobile device. SecureCRT offers advanced session management that lets you creates folders to organize sessions, and import sessions from SecureCRT on your desktop.

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