SecureCRT Named as Must-Have App for Windows Power Users

On, Paul Mah included SecureCRT 8.0 as one of 12 apps Windows power users must have.

He wrote:

If you are looking for something more powerful than Telnet, SecureCRT lets you easily connect to or manage scores of remote devices via a variety of protocols such as telnet, SSH or even serial ports. Built with support for high-DPI monitors, sessions are arranged in tabs or groups of tab for easy organization, individual session can be customized with custom keyboard, display, connection and other settings. Built-in scripting capability gives advanced users the capability to automate repetitive tasks using VBScript, Jscript, PerlScript or Python. Finally, support for file transfer protocols such as SFTP, Xmodem, YmodemZ and Zmodem – as well as a built-in TFTP server – makes it perfect for managing legacy networking gear.

See the full slideshow here:

12 app Windows power users must have

See the SecureCRT slide here:

SecureCRT 8.0 [Terminal Emulator]

Note: The $139 price shown on the SecureCRT slide is for a 3-year license. A one-year license is $99.