Introducing VShell 4.4 (Beta 1) for Windows with HTTPS Support

Today we released VShell 4.4 (Beta 1) for Windows with HTTPS support.

VShell 4.4 (Beta 1) gives organizations the ability to deploy a browser-based, secure file transfer solution for employees and external customers.

Here’s what you’ll find in the VShell 4.4 (Beta 1) release:

Transfer Files with HTTPS

Allow users to transfer files easily using an internet browser. End users can connect to VShell with HTTP or HTTPS to view folder contents, upload and download files, and more. Streamline the operational cost of secure file transfer with a clientless solution – there’s no need to train end users on client software and no plugins to install.

Limit Concurrent Trigger Actions

If the VShell host is resource-constrained or clients perform actions that cause many triggers to fire simultaneously, the server may become increasingly slow. Control this risk by limiting the number of trigger actions. Triggers will only execute the number of actions you choose at any one time.

Specify Deny Hosts Failure Time

Ward off brute force attacks by specifying the amount of time in which a certain number of authentication failures from a particular IP address can occur. VShell will then add the offending IP address to its list of denied hosts and any further connection attempts will be immediately disconnected.

Automatic Removal of IP Addresses from Deny Hosts List

Optionally, re-allow SFTP and FTPS connection attempts from a previously denied IP address after a certain amount of time.

Allow or Deny SFTP Commands

Choose whether to allow or deny specific SFTP commands on a per-user or per-group basis, including SETSTAT, FSETSTAT, RMDIR, REMOVE, RENAME, and LINK.

For a complete list of changes, please see the history file:

VShell 4.4 (Beta 1) History File

Fully-functional evaluation copies of VShell 4.4 (Beta 1) with HTTPS for Windows can be downloaded and evaluated for 60 days. VShell evaluators have full access to VanDyke Software’s expert technical support to assist with installation, configuration, and testing during the 60-day VShell evaluation period.

Find out more about the new capabilities in VShell 4.4 (Beta 1) here.

Download and evaluate the VShell 4.4 (Beta 1) release today.

Please send us your feedback on this new version during the beta release cycle.  Your input will help us improve the functionality of the 4.4 release. Send your questions, requests, or bug reports to