SecureCRT® for iOS 2.1 Available for Download in the App Store®

SecureCRT for iOS 2.1 is now available for download in the App Store®.

SecureCRT for iOS 2.1 adds the ability to select a color scheme for sessions. Several new built-in color schemes, including Solarized have been added. For SSH2 sessions, the ChaCha20/Poly1305 and AES-GCM ciphers as well as the UMAC-128 MAC algorithm are supported.  This version also fixes crashes on iOS 11 related to copying session text and scrolling session output.

Learn more about SecureCRT for iPad and how to download from the Apple Store®.

SecureCRT for iOS is a go-anywhere SSH/Telnet app with rock-solid remote access and terminal emulation on your iPhone and iPad.  SecureCRT has advanced session management that lets you create folders to organize sessions and import sessions from your desktop version of SecureCRT.

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