Online Learning Video: Moving Configurations Using SecureCRT’s Import/Export Tool

Moving your SecureCRT configuration from one machine to another – for backup or migrating to a new machine – is a straightforward process when you know what to do.

This video shows you how to use SecureCRT’s import/export tool to move your configuration from one machine to another (available in versions 7.3 and newer).

How to Move Configurations Using SecureCRT’s Import/Export Tool

Instructions for versions prior to 7.3 are in the FAQ, “How do I copy my sessions and setting between SecureCRT for Mac/Linux and Windows

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Getting Started Videos: How to Install VShell

We’ve developed a series of videos that introduce you to the VShell file transfer and SSH2 access server and help you get started with installation and setup.

The video below will walk you through installing VShell for Windows and covers customization options such as enabling FIPS mode and LSA modules and changing where VShell program files are installed.

How to Install VShell for Windows

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SecureCRT Gets Solarized

The latest releases of SecureCRT 8.3 and SecureCRT for iOS 2.1 offer an updated set of built-in ANSI color schemes. When product development was planning which color schemes to include, Solarized was the first on the list.

Solarized color schemes, introduced in 2011 by Ethan Schoonover, are enormously popular with coders and others who spend a lot of time in the terminal window.

Perhaps one reason for the success of Solarized is that Schoonover was motivated to create them by his dissatisfaction with existing text editor color schemes. He spent six months applying his design skills and aesthetics to perfecting his color palettes, which are designed for syntax highlighting and come in light or dark modes to accommodate different lighting environments (1). These well-designed color schemes can make the terminal workspace more efficient, easier to visually scan, and reduce eye strain.

In addition to his work as a designer, marketer, photographer, and educator, Schoonover is known for his work on Kinkless GTD, an add-on to Omni Outliner that enabled implementation of the “Getting Things Done” organizational system. Schoonover and Merlin Mann (another early GTD evangelist) were subsequently brought in to the Omni Group to turn Kinkless into what would become the OmniFocus task manager (2)(3)(4).

With Solarized support in SecureCRT 8.3 and SecureCRT for iOS 2.1, you can choose between Solarized Light, Dark, and Darcula. It’s easy to select a Solarized color scheme in the Session Options dialog. SecureCRT also allows you to create and save additional color schemes with customized foreground, background, and ANSI colors, but if you want to save yourself some effort, Solarized seems to be standing the test of time.

SecureCRT with Solarized color scheme

I love the new color schemes. They are invaluable to my work environment on both my laptop and my desktop. The Solarized Dark color scheme has significantly reduced my eye strain and focuses my attention where it’s needed.

Michael Dahlberg, UNIX Systems Administrator,


Visit our product pages to learn more about SecureCRT 8.3 for Windows, Mac, and UNIX.

SecureCRT for iOS 2.1 can be downloaded from the Apple app store:


Getting Started Videos: How to Download and Install SecureCRT

If you’re new to SecureCRT, we have a series of videos to help you quickly get started.  The videos below show you how to download and install SecureCRT if you’re evaluating or have recently purchased the software.

How to Download SecureCRT
How to Install SecureCRT

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