New SecureCRT 8.7 (Beta 1) and SecureFX 8.7 (Beta 1) Releases Now Available

The Beta 1 releases of SecureCRT, SecureFX, and VanDyke ClientPack 8.7 are now available for download.

SecureCRT 8.7 (Beta) increases your efficiency with a keyword highlighting enhancement that allows phrase and substring matches. On Windows, a dockable Command Manager lets you organize, filter, and launch commands, and local shell support lets you work in a tabbed CMD or PowerShell session. Also new are Xterm True Color (24-bit) support and the ability to include folders when filtering sessions in the Session Manager. On macOS, Dark Mode is supported.

SecureCRT 8.7 Keyword Highlighting

Highlight individual words, phrases, or substrings in the session window to identify errors in log files or streaming output and to highlight prompts. Regular expressions are also supported, making it easier to highlight strings like IP addresses. Keyword display attributes (bold, reverse video, and color) can be combined.

Dark Mode is supported for macOS 10.14 or later.  True Color is supported on all platforms.

SecureFX 8.7 (Beta) user interface enhancements streamline your workflow. Open multiple local windows within SecureFX and use the Session folder filter to include top-level folders in your filtered sessions.  Also new is improved protocol support including HTTPS (WebDAV) and remote same-system copy. On macOS, Dark Mode is supported.

VanDyke Clientpack 8.7 (Beta) introduces enhancements including new
algorithm support and support for Ubuntu 19.x and macOS 10.15

You can download any of the 8.7 beta releases from the beta download page.

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