New Beta Releases of SecureCRT 9.0 for Windows with Built-in RDP and SecureFX 9.0 for Windows with AWS S3 Support Now Available

The Beta 1 releases of SecureCRT 9.0 for Windows, SecureFX 9.0 for Windows, and VanDyke ClientPack 9.0 are now available for download.

The beta releases of SecureCRT 9.0 and SecureFX 9.0 are currently available only for the Windows platform. The macOS and Linux 9.0 beta installers will be available at a later date.

SecureCRT 9.0 (Beta) for Windows introduces RDP support, so you can quickly connect RDP sessions in a tab, along with an integrated scratchpad tab for text editing and a script editor tab for editing local scripts, all right within SecureCRT. The status bar can be customized to show only the desired items, including the log file name and local system time, in the order you choose. Also new is the ability to pre-load agent keys and the ability to use wildcards in the Session Manager filter box.

“I have used both SecureCRT and SecureFX every day for years and I find the new script editor in SecureCRT to be useful and convenient. I can open a local file for viewing or editing right in a tab. I can use it to compose SQL statements and then paste them into a tab connected to a database, then save the file in the editor tab for a history of all the statements I have issued.”
– Richard Matzinger, Digital Pathways

SecureCRT 9.0 Script Editor

Save time by using the new built-in script editor with syntax highlighting to create and modify local scripts. Use the scratchpad tab or tile to write notes or copy and paste configuration commands or other text without having to open a separate editor.

SecureFX 9.0 (Beta) introduces AWS S3 support, which allows you to easily transfer files to and from your secure Amazon cloud S3 buckets. Enhanced file transfer options streamline your workflow by allowing automatic removal of files from the transfer queue and time stamping by the destination server. New time-saving features include the ability to pre-load agent keys and to find sessions even faster by using wildcards in the Session Manager filter box.

VanDyke Clientpack 9.0 (Beta) introduces enhancements including new algorithm support and support for Ubuntu 20.04 LTS and Red Hat Enterprise Linux 8.

You can download any of the 9.0 beta releases from the beta download page.

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VShell 4.5.4 (Official) Maintenance Release Now Available

VShell 4.5.4 (Official) is now available for download.

This is a maintenance release to address issues found in VShell 4.5.3.

Here’s what’s new in VShell 4.5 (Official):

HTTPS support (Linux/Mac, previously Windows only)

Provide an easy-to-use, browser-based file transfer solution for staff, customers, and external partners. End users can connect to VShell Enterprise Edition with HTTPS to upload and download files, and more. No need to train end users on client software and no plugins to install. Customize the user web interface with your company colors and logo.

WebDAV support (All platforms)

VShell Enterprise Edition with HTTPS allows users to connect with a WebDAV client to upload and download files securely. Users can take advantage of WebDAV functionality to edit and collaborate on content.

Folder monitor (Windows)

Detect when new files are created, moved, or copied to a particular folder and initiate actions such as automatic transfer to another SFTP server.

CUCM configuration wizard (Windows)

Use this wizard for easier configuration of VShell to receive file uploads (backups) from Cisco Unified Communications Manager (CUCM).

Limit maximum concurrent connections for users and groups (Linux/Mac, previously Windows only)

Control how many sessions are allowed for users and groups for SSH2, SFTP, and FTPS connections. Specify the maximum number of concurrent connections for all users/groups, or set individual limits for particular users/groups.

Workgroup Edition provides more concurrent connections

The VShell Workgroup Edition now provides 25 concurrent connections (previously 10).

Download VShell Today!

Fully-functional evaluation copies of VShell 4.5.4 (Official) can be downloaded and evaluated for 60 days. During evaluation, VShell evaluators have full access to VanDyke Software’s expert technical support to assist with installation, configuration, and testing.

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