Introducing the 9.0 Official Releases of SecureCRT, SecureFX, and VanDyke ClientPack

The Official releases of SecureCRT 9.0, SecureFX 9.0, and VanDyke ClientPack 9.0 are now available for download.

New in SecureCRT 9.0 (Official)

  • Consolidate network connections within SecureCRT 9.0 for Windows by connecting RDP sessions in tabs or tiles.
  • Python 3 support adds to the extensive scripting options available in SecureCRT, allowing automation of administrative tasks. External modules can be called from Python 3 scripts, making scripting even more powerful.
  • On Windows, save time with the integrated scratchpad tab and script editor tab. Just open a scratchpad tab and start writing notes. Edit local Python or ActiveX scripts without leaving SecureCRT.
  • Customize SecureCRT to work for you.  Set the status bar to show only the items you choose, in the order you want to see them. Pre-load agent keys to save time. Use the Command Manager to save and organize commands in folders.

Visit the SecureCRT 9.0 (Official) page for a list of new features.
Download SecureCRT 9.0 (Official).

The RDP implementation seems rock-solid. Way better than what Windows has. I’ll be using this function from now on.  — Geoffrey Aigeltinger, Verification specialist with a global communications technology company

SecureCRT 9.0 Supports RDP

Consolidate network connections within SecureCRT by connecting RDP sessions in tabs or tiles.

New in SecureFX 9.0 (Official)

  • Amazon S3 support allows you to easily transfer files to and from your secure Amazon cloud storage.
  • Enhanced file transfer options streamline your workflow.  Automatically remove files from the transfer queue and enable time stamping by the destination server.
  • Save time with the ability to pre-load agent keys.  Find sessions even faster using wildcards in the Session Manager filter box.

Visit the SecureFX 9.0 (Official) page for a list of new features.
Download SecureFX 9.0 (Official).

New in VanDyke Clientpack 9.0 (Official)

  • ClientPack now supports the rsa-sha2-256 and rsa-sha2-512 public-key algorithms (RFC 8332).
  • Platform support now includes Ubuntu 20.04 LTS and Red Hat Enterprise Linux 8.

Visit the VanDyke ClientPack (Official) page for a list of new features.
Download VanDyke ClientPack 9.0 (Official).

You can download any of the 9.0 Official releases from the download page.

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