VShell 4.6.2 Maintenance Release Now Available

VShell 4.6.2 is now available for download.

This is a maintenance release to address issues found in version 4.6.1.

New in VShell 4.6

HTTPS Single Sign On (SSO) (Windows only)

Provide your Windows users with a convenient way to log on to VShell Enterprise Edition with HTTPS without entering a username or password. SSO reduces helpdesk workload by decreasing the risk of accidental VShell account lockouts and resulting password reset requests.

Enhanced automatic file renaming capabilities

Customize names of files or folders when moving or copying files in response to file operations. Standardize or specialize names by inserting dates, timestamps, usernames, session IDs, protocol, pre-defined text, and more.

Automatically send email with file transfer summary (Windows only)

Use logout triggers to send email notifications with the number of files uploaded, the list of files uploaded, the number of files downloaded, and the list of files downloaded during the session.

Automatically run commands that use file transfer summary variables

Use logout triggers to run commands or scripts using the number of files uploaded, the list of files uploaded, the number of files downloaded, and the list of files downloaded during the session.

Algorithm support

VShell now supports the rsa-sha2-256 and rsa-sha2-512 algorithms (RFC 8332) for host keys and public-key authentication.

SSH2 extension negotiation

For clients that support extension negotiation as specified in RFC 8308, upon request VShell will now send the list of available public-key algorithms.

Specified character restriction

Configure VShell to prevent clients from using specific characters in file and directory names.

Platform support

Support has been added for Ubuntu 20.04 LTS and Red Hat Enterprise Linux 8.

Fully-functional evaluation copies of VShell 4.6.2 can be downloaded and evaluated for 60 days. VShell evaluators have full access to VanDyke Software’s expert technical support to assist with installation, configuration, and testing during the 60-day VShell evaluation period.

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SecureCRT 9.1 and SecureFX 9.1 (Beta 3) Now Available

The Beta 3 releases of SecureCRT 9.1, SecureFX 9.1, and VanDyke ClientPack 9.1 are now available for download.

New in SecureCRT 9.1 (Beta)

  • SecureCRT for macOS adds support for Big Sur and integrates the toolbar with the title bar for a modern interface that frees up valuable screen space.
  • On Windows, the dockable Active Sessions Manager lets you see at a glance all open sessions, which makes working with a large number of connections easier. Quickly locate open sessions using the filter bar.
  • Also on Windows, you can now customize the scratchpad and script editor to fit your needs. Choose fonts, foreground and background colors, and specify the initial values of line numbers and word wrap options. Save time by including a scratchpad as an auto session that is opened when SecureCRT starts.
  • All platforms add local shell, GUI, and other enhancements designed to increase efficiency.

Visit the SecureCRT 9.1 Beta page for a list of new features.
Download SecureCRT 9.1 (Beta).

“The Active Sessions Manager makes the workflow better than ever. This and the hotkeys are not just small fixes — they are the best and fastest way to choose an open session since I’ve been using SecureCRT.”
— Michael Bladowski, SecureCRT customer

The Active Sessions Manager (Windows only) lets you see at a glance the connection status of all open sessions and quickly switch to a specific session.

New in SecureFX 9.1 (Beta)

  • SecureFX for macOS adds Big Sur support and integrates the toolbar with the title bar for a more modern interface and more screen space in which to work.
  • On Windows, the display theme’s foreground and background colors are now used everywhere, improving the visual experience in SecureFX.
  • On all platforms, S3-compatible services are now supported in addition to AWS.

Visit the SecureFX 9.1 (Beta) page for a list of new features.
Download SecureFX 9.1 (Beta).

New in VanDyke Clientpack 9.1 (Beta)

  • VanDyke Clientpack introduces support for macOS Big Sur, so you can take advantage of the improvements in the latest macOS platform.

Visit the VanDyke ClientPack (Beta) page for a list of new features.
Download VanDyke ClientPack 9.1 (Beta).

You can download any of the 9.1 beta releases from the beta download page.

We want to hear your feedback. Send questions, requests, and bug reports to support@vandyke.com