Call for Testers: VShell Server with HTTPS Support

A pre-beta version of the VShell Server that supports HTTP/HTTPS is now available for customers to test and provide feedback.

With HTTP/HTTPS support, you can now connect to VShell with your browser in order to view folder contents and upload and download files. Additionally, you can automate HTTP/HTTPS file upload and download using command line tools such as cURL.

To try the pre-beta version of VShell with HTTPS, email Danielle Argiro, the VShell Product Director, at

Call for Testers: New GUI for SecureCRT and SecureFX for Mac

Here’s a sneak peek of the interface changes for SecureCRT and SecureFX for Mac.

New look for SecureCRT for Mac

New look for SecureFX for Mac

The user interface changes include a new toolbar for the main window, new toolbar icons for the Session Manager and Connect dialog, and new connection status icons. If you’d like to try the pre-beta version, please send email to

Call for Testers: Command Window Enhancement in SecureCRT

The ability to send characters immediately in the the Command Window has been added to a pre-beta version of SecureCRT. This new functionality allows you to use the Command Window to do the following in the active or all sessions:

  • Stop commands using CTRL+C
  • Edit a file using an editor like vi
  • Send escape sequences
  • Do tab completion

If you’d like to try it, please send me email.