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VShell 4.4.1 Maintenance Release Now Available

VShell 4.4.1 (Official) is now available for downloadThis is a maintenance release to address issues found in VShell 4.4.0

VShell 4.4 introduces an Enterprise edition for Windows with HTTPS support, providing an easy-to-use, browser-based file transfer solution for your staff, customers, and external partners.

SFTP virtual roots allow you to map folders from multiple SFTP servers to a single VShell server.

An enhanced deny host feature improves the ability to ward off brute force attacks.

Now on all platforms, an internal user database eliminates the need for system user accounts for VShell end users and simplifies migrations.

Here’s what you’ll find in the VShell 4.4 (Official) release:

New edition: Enterprise with HTTPS for Windows

A new enterprise-level edition of VShell with HTTPS allows your staff, customers, and partners to transfer files easily using an web browser, reducing the need for end-user training. Streamline the administrative cost of secure file transfer – no client software is needed and there are no browser plugins to install. Users connect via HTTPS to view folder contents, upload and download files, and more. Automated file transfers can be scheduled using HTTPS command-line tools such as cURL.

SFTP virtual roots (Windows)

SFTP virtual roots allow you to map folders from multiple SFTP servers to a single VShell server. After authenticating the connections, VShell transparently transfers file operations to a separate SFTP server. Files are uploaded and downloaded without ever being written to the VShell server’s disk, assisting with standards compliance and reducing the disk space required by the VShell host machine.

Improved virtual roots (Windows)

The Virtual Roots category of the VShell Control Panel has been completely redesigned to accelerate virtual root configuration and improve usability. See at a glance which users and groups have access to your file system, which folders they can see, and what file operation permissions they have. Edit properties in place without opening a dialog.

Internal user database (UNIX/Linux/Mac)

Eliminate the need to create system accounts for end users when accounts are only needed for VShell access. Simplify future migrations by letting VShell automatically include your users and groups when you move the VShell configuration to a new server. Now on the UNIX/Linux and Mac versions in addition to Windows.

Specify deny hosts failure time (Windows – SSH2 SFTP and FTPS)

Ward off brute force attacks by specifying the amount of time in which a certain number of authentication failures from a particular IP address will be tolerated. Any further authentication attempts by that IP address will be immediately disconnected. Optionally, re-allow connection attempts from a previously denied IP address after a certain amount of time.

Support for encrypt-then-MAC (EtM) algorithms

Support has been added for encrypt-then-MAC (EtM) algorithms, including SHA2 and UMAC.

Allow or Deny SFTP Commands

Choose whether to allow or deny specific SFTP commands on a per-user or per-group basis, including SETSTAT, FSETSTAT,RMDIR, REMOVE, RENAME, and LINK.

For a complete list of changes, please see the history file:

VShell 4.4.1 (Official) History File

Fully-functional evaluation copies of VShell 4.4 (Official) can be downloaded and evaluated for 60 days. VShell evaluators have full access to VanDyke Software’s expert technical support to assist with installation, configuration, and testing during the 60-day VShell evaluation period.

Find out more about the new capabilities in VShell 4.4.1 (Official) here.

Download and evaluate the VShell 4.4.1 (Official) release today.

Send your questions, requests, or bug reports to support@vandyke.com.

Online Learning Video: Keyword Highlighting in SecureCRT

The two videos below demonstrate real-time highlighting, which can help call attention to keywords or contiguous patterns of characters on the screen, displaying them in color, bold, and reverse attributes.

This first video introduces SecureCRT’s keyword highlighting capability.

Keyword Highlighting in SecureCRT

The second video demonstrates how to leverage a set of keyword highlighting patterns that was created by someone else using a “Cisco Words” INI file submitted by a VanDyke Software forum member. You can read more in this forum post.

SecureCRT Keyword Highlighting: Importing an INI File

You can see more SecureCRT videos on the SecureCRT video page and the VanDyke Software YouTube Channel.

LabEveryday Publishes YouTube Tutorial for SecureCRT and SecureFX

Du’An Lightfoot is an IT professional and SecureCRT customer who produces a YouTube channel called LabEveryday. Mr. Lightfoot creates Microsoft and Cisco labs and tutorials to help IT professionals pursue certifications and IT career development paths.

Mr. Lightfoot’s video, “SecureCRT 8.5 and SecureFX: Everything You Need to Know” provides a great overview of the software as well as examples of how he uses SecureCRT and SecureFX in his own environment.

You can also watch the tutorial on YouTube here: https://youtu.be/bZy84AlCSRk

LabEveryday is a wealth of video tutorials and tips. Thank you to Du’An Lightfoot from VanDyke Software!

8.5.2 Maintenance Releases of SecureCRT, SecureFX, and ClientPack Add Support for Curve25519-sha256 Key Exchange

8.5.2 maintenance releases are now available for SecureCRT, SecureFX, and ClientPack.

The 8.5.2 maintenance releases add support for the Curve25519-sha256 key-exchange algorithm, which offers speed, 128 bits of security, and NIST approval.

Download the 8.5.2 release today. As always, you can evaluate these new releases without charge for 30 days.

Watch the video below for an overview of the new features in SecureCRT 8.5.


SecureCRT 8.5 gives you new ways to customize your workflow with a Button Bar Manager for adding, deleting, duplicating, and rearranging multiple button bars, the ability to configure the Command window to send commands to different sessions, and enhancements to the multi-line paste dialog. Individual Quick Connect sessions can now be saved.

“Being able to review and edit the multi-line paste confirmation dialog is a game changer for my team. This last fail safe before code gets entered saves us from making mistakes. My team gets a chance to review and validate that they are on the correct device and that there are no errors.” – David A. Torode, network analyst, Beaumont Health

SecureFX 8.5 improves your workflow with a Bookmark Manager for adding, deleting, editing, and copying bookmarks as well as other bookmark enhancements. Externally launched sessions automatically open in the existing SecureFX application window. SFXCL enhancements give you more options for automated file transfers

New in SecureCRT 8.5 (Official)

  • Improved button bar management: The Button Bar Manager allows you to add, duplicate, edit, delete, rename, and rearrange button bars. Admins who use a large number of buttons can use the Button Manager to rearrange, edit, add, delete, copy, and paste buttons.
  • Multi-line paste dialog improvements: You can now review and edit the text in the multi-line paste confirmation dialog before it gets pasted into a session, reducing potential errors. The confirmation dialog can also be resized.
  • Save ad hoc sessions: You now have the ability to save individual sessions that were connected using Quick Connect, the Connect bar, or the command line.
  • Script status indicator: A script status indicator shows you when a script is running in tabbed and tiled sessions.
  • Command window: Configure the Command window to send commands to all sessions, the visible sessions, or the active session by default.

New in SecureFX 8.5 (Official)

  • Bookmark enhancements: A Bookmark Manager makes it easier for you to add, delete, and edit bookmarks as well as copy them from another session. The File menu and the file view context menu now show all bookmarks.
  • Single application window: If SecureFX is already running and a new SecureFX session is launched from SecureCRT, from the system desktop, or from the command line, the new session will open in the existing SecureFX application window.
  • SFXCL enchancements: New parameters have been added for customizing output and to give you more options for automated file transfers.

New in VanDyke ClientPack 8.5 (Official)

  • vsh/vsftp/vcp enhancements: vsh, vsftp, and vcp now have support for the hmac-sha2-512-etm@openssh.com and hmac-sha2-256-etm@openssh.com MACs.

You can download any of the 8.5 releases from the download page.

Find out more about the 8.5 Official releases:

Please see the history files for a complete list of changes:

We want to hear your feedback. Send questions, requests, or bug reports to support@vandyke.com

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