Online Learning Video: The SecureCRT Connect Bar

The Connect Bar in SecureCRT is perhaps the quickest method of establishing connections on the fly to either ad hoc or saved session hosts.

The video below shows you how to connect to a host by simply typing in a hostname, IP address, or even a portion of a saved session’s name. Learn how to customize the Connect Bar’s location and width and how to convert an ad hoc connection into a saved session that will be available from SecureCRT’s Session Manager.

The SecureCRT Connect Bar

You can see more SecureCRT videos on the SecureCRT video page and the VanDyke Software YouTube Channel.

LabEveryday Publishes YouTube Tutorial for SecureCRT and SecureFX

Du’An Lightfoot is an IT professional and SecureCRT customer who produces a YouTube channel called LabEveryday. Mr. Lightfoot creates Microsoft and Cisco labs and tutorials to help IT professionals pursue certifications and IT career development paths.

Mr. Lightfoot’s video, “SecureCRT 8.5 and SecureFX: Everything You Need to Know” provides a great overview of the software as well as examples of how he uses SecureCRT and SecureFX in his own environment.

You can also watch the tutorial on YouTube here:

LabEveryday is a wealth of video tutorials and tips. Thank you to Du’An Lightfoot from VanDyke Software!

Online Learning Video: SecureCRT Color Schemes (Including Solarized) and ANSI Color Palettes

This video provides an overview of the new color schemes, including Solarized, introduced in SecureCRT 8.3 and shows you how to change background and foreground colors and modify an ANSI Color palette. As a bonus, you’ll also learn how to utilize a script and a button on SecureCRT’s button bar to quickly cycle through available color schemes.

SecureCRT Color Schemes and ANSI Color Palettes

You can see more SecureCRT videos on the SecureCRT video page and the VanDyke Software YouTube Channel.

Online Learning Video: Enabling Trace Options to Display Debugging Information

Trace Options are extremely useful for troubleshooting connectivity issues.

This video shows how to enable Trace Options to display debugging information about a connection and how to log the information to a file.

How to Use SecureCRT’s Dependent Sessions to Connect to a Jump Host

You can see more SecureCRT videos on the VanDyke Software YouTube Channel.